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2007-11-28 17:37:04 by spkid64

no im not dead everyone, i just haven't been composing for a while. i really need to compose something again, so hopefully i'll get something up soon.

new gfx card

2007-08-13 00:53:55 by spkid64

even tho i had so many problems w/ my last driver update, i bought a gforce 8800 gts 640mb a week ago and it came a few days ago. so far its been pretty awesome. its quite an upgrade from a 6800xt 256mb. i think i need a new power supply tho, as my harddrives suddenly lost performance...


2007-08-03 15:55:29 by spkid64

I swear i'm gonna kill Nvidia. I DLed their latest drivers, 162.whatever and that was the start of my misery. From the moment i restarted my comp, the troubles ensued. The monitor itself was saying that it was in 1280x960 with 85x75 refresh rates while my comp was saying i was in 1440x900 in 60 hz refresh rate, which is where it should be. (i have an LCD widescreen) the thing is, 1440x900 is the max res so how did it get to 960?? the entire screen was blurry upward and i had to scroll sideways along the screen to view the entire screen. I began uninstalling drivers/reinstalling drivers for around an hour, and it only got worse. Once i got to the point where it wasn't recognizing my PCI-E slot, i remembered i could just use a system restore. well THANK FUCKING GOD for system restore, as my comp is working perfectly now, in the same way it was yesterday before this madness ensued. So my advice to you all is to not DL any new nvidia drivers for win XP for geforce 6 series for a while.

woot $$$!

2007-08-02 19:36:09 by spkid64

finally got enough money to buy a new GFX card! i'm gonna buy a PNY geforce 8800 gts 640mb and OC to make it equivelent to the OC2 version. Once a get some more money again (aka next week) i'm going to buy a amd athlon 64bit X2 4600+ and the week after a seagate 400gb SATA 7200 rpm 16mb cache HDD.

as for music, i've always wanted to create an ambient piece and now i'm going to make one. I found some pretty cool voices so i hope it turns out good.

Next song

2007-08-01 19:11:01 by spkid64

I'm not sure when my next song will come out, as I'm still playing around with undermelody ideas, and have been doing so for a few days now. I just updated my profile w/ pics so now its all cooler than it used to be. XD