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new account

2009-04-09 05:53:26 by spkid64

I'm changing my account name. All my new work (and some of the stuff I've posted here) will now be located at
There will be no more posts from this account.


2009-03-07 17:31:15 by spkid64

been posting some of my older stuff that I never submitted. I recently started using x3ta+ synth and have come up with what I think will be a pretty cool song. Expect it soon.

more composan

2009-02-08 08:31:26 by spkid64

just spent a ton of time on my latest work, (remix of UN owen was her from touhou 6) I made a *lot* of fixes and such and finished the layout, which means i just have effects and tweaking left. Will definitely post when i feel its ready.


2009-01-16 17:00:49 by spkid64

bleh i'm still here, just lazy. i'll finish my song some time...


2008-10-14 04:35:49 by spkid64

for all of you wondering if i'm *really* still composing, yes i am. i recently started back up on my remix and will hopefull have it done some time in november. its coming along quite nicely, the mixing/mastering is a lot better than any of my previous songs.

new music

2008-08-13 05:35:50 by spkid64

i started my first remix of a pre-existing song. i'm not quite sure how it will work out but its sounding quite good so far. its a remix of U.N. Owen Was Her from Touhou 6.

new music

2008-04-18 03:09:50 by spkid64

so yea, finally made something new. definitely comparable to Twisted Reflection. The moment i created the melody i knew it would be good.

new song

2008-04-17 01:06:13 by spkid64

So i was originally planning on remaking the temple theme from final fantasy adventure but while making that i created an *awesome* bassline that i had to use. I opened up a new custom template, created a melody, *loved* the melody (something i usually don't do right after i create it) and now i'm starting to work on it. this will hopefully sound great.


2008-03-19 01:40:07 by spkid64

fuckin FINALLY created a new song. (more of an experiment) w00t.

started again

2008-03-12 01:45:47 by spkid64

recently started working with fl studio again (i swear its true this time!) i've been creating new styrus voices so hopefully i'll get a song up soon.